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CoAcS Trading
CoAcS Trading

CoAcS imports pharmaceutical and related healthcare products into the Gulf region and, using a network of national representatives, distributes them through out the Middle East and Africa. CoAcS works with manufacturers in Europe and the US to help them register their companies and their products in Middle Eastern countries, and distribute and market their products. CoAcS also exports pharmaceutical products manufactured in the Middle East and acts as their agents in Europe through CoAcS Trading Ltd.

Trading Portfolio

(Examples of recent projects.)

MTS Medication Technologies

MTS Medication Technologies is an international provider of medication compliance packaging systems designed to improve medication dispensing and administration. MTS manufactures automated packaging machines and related consumables for prescription medications and nutritional supplements.

Shield Medicare

Shield Medicare is a market leader in the supply of specialist contamination control products to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and medical device industries worldwide. Shield Medicare Limited now operates as a division of Ecolab. The Company has high reputation for technical expertise, high quality products and excellent customer service.

Crescent Pharma

Crescent Pharma Ltd is a member of the General Mediterranean Holding Group. Crescent Pharma specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of generic pharmaceutical products.

Manx Healthcare

Manx Healthcare is a young, successful and well-funded healthcare company focusing on OTC and Oral Care brands, as well as Generic Pharmaceuticals. The company serves the UK and International markets.

Wren Laboratories Ltd.

Wren Labs’ has developed a range of probiotics that offer today's consumers natural health solutions to support their demanding lifestyles. Wren Labs works with specific probiotic strains and select combinations of strains that have been well researched and documented in their quality, safety and particular efficacies. Each OptiBac Probiotic product is tailored for a particular health condition as the formulation and combination of strains delivers particular health benefits. Coacs are acting as agents for the OptiBac Probiotics range in the Middle East. For probiotics that target specific health conditions visit OptiBac Probiotics, the experts in probiotics

Meldex Internatioanl Plc. (Previously BioProgress)

Meldex Internatioanl plc is a specialty pharmaceutical and healthcare business that uses its XGELT polymer technologies to develop and enhance medicines and healthcare products. It has a portfolio of marketed branded and generic pharmaceutical products and strategic alliances with several global pharmaceutical companies.

Kudos/Dexo BioPharm Ltd

Kudos has a wide range of Vitamins and Herbals and other OTC products manufactured in the UK. Kudos are at the cutting edge of supplement technology. Their range of products include specific "lifestyle" formulas, for example: Hair Nutrient, Nails and Skin, PMS, Muscle Support and Kudos 24 - Multi-active Age Management Complex.

DTR Medical Ltd

DTR Medical Ltd manufacture sterile single-use disposable medical devices for use in surgical and healthcare procedures. Their products are used in ENT, Neuro, Vascular, Gynaecological, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic Surgery and Endoscopy